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Tuttle Public Library:

305 West Main Street     405-381-8586                                                                                             Monday- 5:30-8; Tuesday- 9-12:30; Wednesday- 1:30-8; Friday- 9-5; Saturday- 9-2

The library has 9 computers for public use and available wi-fi.  There is also a meeting room that can be reserved for groups to meet. 

Guided Reading-

Guided Reading is self- directed work at home that the students can pace completion as they see fit.  Each chapter Guided Reading is due the day of the corresponding Chapter test.  This gives the students the ability to practice managing their time with their homework- a skill that becomes more and more used as their academic careers advance.  My suggestions to the class are only that they work on a section as we work on it in class and that they not wait until the night before the test to complete it.  Other than that, they are on their own.  All answers are referenced in the section and chapter stated and this is an excellent source for a study guide.  Students were given print outs today, but there is a workbook that has been ordered that has not arrived yet so once they get here, your student will have that book for the whole year,


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