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Awards Assembly

May 17th

7th & 8th grade @ 9:00 a.m.

6th grade @ 1:30 p.m. 

***please enter through the gym doors***

2023 Tuttle Youth Volleyball Camp Registration




Tuttle Middle School Attendance Policy

Our goal this year is to ensure that every student attends school regularly.

At Tuttle Middle School a student may not miss more than 8 total days per semester (A semester (term) is a two-block period of instruction. Two blocks are equal to one full year of study. The school year is divided into two semesters. The Fall Semester consists of blocks one and two that start in August and end in December. The Spring Semester consists of blocks three and four that start in January and end in May). In addition, a student may not miss more than 8 total class periods, to receive credit. In order to receive credit, a student must make up, hour for hour, each absence over eight.

What doesn’t count as an absence:

  • School Activities
  • Doctor’s notes turned in during that 9-week period
  • COVID if parent notifies school on that day
  • Funeral of immediate family-Only the day of the funeral and the school must be given a copy of the funeral program when the student returns to school.

If a student misses on the last day of the nine weeks, they have 1 full week to turn in their doctor’s notes.

Leaving early during the last hour does count as an absence.

If your family is going on a trip during school, please have your parents contact the school to discuss your attendance. If your child goes over 8 days per class period they are in jeopardy of losing credit.

If a student misses’ school to go watch a friend, or sibling participate in a school activity, it does count against them for attendance.

Credit Recovery/Paybacks

            A student must pay back 1 day for each day they are over in attendance per class.

TMS offers 8 paybacks at the end of each semester. They are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:10 – 4:00 pm in the detention room.

If a student does not do attendance paybacks, they will lose credit and be ineligible to participate in school activities.

*According to the OKSDE, “Chronic absenteeism is linked to lower academic performance, higher dropout rates and diminished success after high school. A student is considered chronically absent if he or she misses 10 percent or more of school days for any reason – excused or unexcused.”

Accountability Updates: Frequently Asked Questions (

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RSVP | EF Education First


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  • Enrollment FAQ
  • Immunization Records / Exemption Form
  • Residency Verification Dates and Info
  • Residency Affidavit
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