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3/3 Verb usage six troublesome verbs - Exercise 6,7,8 page 501-504. IXL. M.M. Commas #1 notes copied from Google classroom into composition notebook.


3/2 Grammar: Review B and Exercise 4 pages 495-499 verb usage. Literature: Students were given instruction for the AR poster due on Monday, March 9th. Students must have read the book and taken an AR test. The AR test and the poster must be over the same book. These are both test grades.

AR Poster 1. Must use full size poster board 28x22 (if you cut the poster in half it will automatic...

3/2-6 Verb usage, commas, and capitalization


2/28 IXL. F. Analyzing Literature #1 and 2


2/27 Grammar: Exercise 3 and Review A pages 493-494 in grammar book. Lit: IXL. K. Developing and supporting argument #1.


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