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Algebra Update Jan 7, 2019

Algebra Update - January 2, 2019

It’s almost time to get back to work. I know, boooo! : )

Just wanted to touch base with everyone. Students’ first hour teachers are posted in the cafeteria (they have already seen the lists, or should have anyway). Schedules will handed out in their first hour. First day back to school is January 7!

We will hit the ground running picking up where we left off with Slope, Intercepts, and continuing with Parallel and Perpendicular Lines. For the third block, we will change up the weekly process a little. Spring semester is so busy and with many interruptions, I thought I’d have in class daily assignments (due during the class period) with less outside practice (due on Thursdays with the extended week if not completed) to help the kids with their time management a little (that’s what I am shooting for anyway). There will still be time in class to work on the outside practice if they utilize their class time wisely. If anyone wants to get a jump on next week’s practice, it is posted on Google Classroom.


Hope everyone had a good (and restful) break! See you Monday!