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Snapshot Flight Plans

Monday 2/3/2020

Finish all experimental design objectives:

  1.  SpongeBob experiment analysis on SmartBoard

  2. Discuss Bias and how to avoid it in experiments

***complete “DOING SCIENCE” worksheet for daily


Tuesday  2/4/2020

Begin review/exploration of SI Units and how we will use them throughout our missions.

Discuss/demonstration/notes on

  • Length

  • Mass

  • Weight

  • Volume

How to make these measurements but most importantly the corresponding units we will use.

Wednesday 2/5/2020

Finish discussion of SI Units by examining

  • Density

  • Temperature


Thursday 2/6/2020

Open Book/open materials Chapter 1 Test


All of these skills and techniques will be mastered before we dive into our Science Content Standards and missions!


Friday  2/7/2020

Measure mastery of Experimental protocol with the use of ChromeBooks and IXL 

I will use guided practice and individual practice with the following 8th Grade IXL Standards:Image result for ixl images

Scientific method

  1. A.1Identify steps of the scientific method

Designing experiments

  1. B.1Identify control and experimental groups

  2. B.2Identify independent and dependent variables

  3. B.3Identify the experimental question

  4. B.4Identify questions that can be investigated with a set of materials