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March 9-12

by Snapshot

Posted on March 5, 2020

Parents, please encourage your student to complete recommended IXL lessons

(Note:  these lessons align with our textbook)


6th Math

Monday:   Minute Math #52 – record answers on

               Chapter 6 review – 14 questions

               Flocabulary lessons:  Number Line  (integers)

                                              Adding Integers                 ** complete all 3 lessons (3 activities each)

                                              Subtracting Integers


Tuesday:    Task cards – ordering fractions, percents, and decimals 

                 Chap 6, lesson 6.7 extension lesson – Reflections pg 274-275

                 understand how to reflect on an “x and y” axis.

                 Chapter review:  pgs 277-289  discuss odd numbers and complete even numbers


Wednesday:  Task Cards – ordering fractions, decimals, and percents

                   Flocabulary: coordinate graph – reflections

                    Chapter 6 test


Thursday:   Task cards, reviewing ordering fractions, decimals and percents

                  Chp 7, introductory lesson page280-281

                   lesson 7.1  pg 282-285


Friday:   No School = Parent teacher conferences on Thursday night 3:30-9:30



Reading For Pleasure

Monday:  Read aloud to class- Boy 21

           Read together   Percy Jackson’s – Sea of Monsters

Tuesday:   Read aloud to class –  Boy 21

               Percy Jackson’s – Sea of Monsters

Wednesday: Read aloud to class – Boy 21

                   Free Reading time – read their own books

Thursday: Read aloud to class –  Boy 21

               Begin reading together in class Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters

Friday:  Read aloud to class – Boy 21

            Read together in class Percy Jackson’s – Sea of Monsters



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