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by Snapshot

Posted on January 18, 2019

 AR test will be due February 1.  Make sure the book is a 5 point book or higher.  



Monday:  No School – Staff Development Day                 


Tuesday:  Bellwork: Lesson 

               Vocabulary: Academic terms – synonym          antonym

                                                           prefix               suffix

                                                           connotation      denotation

                                                           fact                 opinion




Wednesday:  Bellwork:  Lesson


Thursday:  Bellwork   Lesson 



Friday:  Bellwork – Unstoppable you!     Journaling activity –





Enrichment:   Reminder to be willing to learn.  Participate and have a GREAT attitude.

Monday:  Read aloud to class – 

              Math review – 

              Study Hall – bring any unfinished work to class, bring library books, study island, flocabulary, etc.  Come prepared.


Tuesday: Read aloud to class – 

              Math review – Wed/Thur.


Wednesday: Read aloud to class

                   Math review –        

Thursday: Read aloud to class –

               Math review – 



Friday: Read aloud to class –

           Math review – Wed/Thur 3



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