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Jan. 14-18

by Snapshot

Posted on January 11, 2019

  AR test will be due February 1.  Make sure the book is a 5 point book or higher.  



Monday:  Bellwork:  Lesson 32 – adjectives

               Review the purpose of making posters and presentations – Understanding components of a great thesis.  Work on posters with groups –  cooperation, actively participating.                   


Tuesday:  Bellwork: Lesson 33 adjectives

               Group work on Rules of a Thesis posters – cooperation, actively participating


Wednesday:  Bellwork:  Lesson 34 – adjectives

                   Group work on Rules of a Thesis posters – Last Day to finish – make sure to discuss presentations.  Everyone will be involved. Cooperation.



Thursday:  Bellwork   Lesson 31 – 35 review of adjectives

                Last minute touch ups and get ready to present towards the end of the hour, or earlier if everyone is ready.  

                If we have time, look over our themes we discussed that we felt could be found in our story Sounder.  Powerpoint on themes. 


Friday:  Bellwork – Unstoppable you!     Journaling activity –

            Complete lesson on theme

             Task cards on themes

            INB work – add transition words and other subject / predicate recognition pages. 



Enrichment:              Reminder to be willing to learn.  Participate and have a GREAT attitude.

Monday:  Read aloud to class – 

              Math review – Mon/Tues 2

              Study Hall – bring any unfinished work to class, bring library books, study island, flocabulary, etc.  Come prepared.


Tuesday: Read aloud to class – 

              Math review – Wed/Thur. 2

              Tangram introduction.  Explain importance, discuss ratio/fraction relationship – again be willing, have a great attitude.

              Begin playing with the assorted puzzles.

Wednesday: Attend Wrestling Dual                

Thursday: Read aloud to class –

               Math review – Mon/Tue 3

              Real-world Math – Activity Unit 1



Friday: Read aloud to class –

           Math review – Wed/Thur 3

           Math review – 10 Questions (Wednesday/Thursday) 2

              “Macalena”  follow direction activity

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