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Algebra Update Dec 21, 2018


Algebra Update - December 21, 2018

Before we all take a break, just a few quick reminders/updates we discussed in class.

  • I would like the students to start fresh in January with a new notebook. It can be a spiral notebook, composition notebook, binder or something to get organized AND bring it to class. Many students are not bringing notes/resources to class in order for me to properly help/guide them.

  • Reminder: students are starting to smash together and take shortcuts on their work again making it very difficult to read. I’ve told them to not whine or complain if I ask them to rewrite it with the procedures we have had in place since the start of school.

  • The Spring semester gets very busy with outside activities, state testing, etc. Kids are out of class quite often with a variety of things and with 4 day weeks starting after Spring Break, instruction time really takes a hit. So, starting in January, all weekly practice given on Monday will be due on THURSDAY each week. Students will still have an extended week until the following Thursday to get any outstanding work completed without penalty. Reminder: It is the student’s responsibility to show me outstanding work completed after the due date.

  • Change: There have been several instances where students had screenshots ready to show me but had Chromebook issues (had to send it out for repair and replaced with a loaner). Where the screenshots are stored automatically is not accessible from any device. Unless the student moves the screenshot(s), they lose the access when they are not on their device. In addition, when the student takes screenshots and does not organize them into a folder, they are all mixed in with other class projects and wastes their class work time trying to find them all. So, we are going to try something different. I will post a screenshot document for each student. They will post their screenshots on the document in the correct order. This should make it more organized, all in one place, and speed things up when showing me. They will have access to the document from any device so there is no need for emails, using their phones for pictures, etc.

  • Even though the kids have been reviewing the 8th grade material for the state test through the quests assigned every two weeks (and doing well on them, I might add), the plan right now is to have a week or so before state testing to allow the kids to do some reviewing in the areas they feel they most need it. It won’t be a “one size fits all”. They will be choosing the areas they feel are a priority, and then I’ll help them select the activities. Again, this is the plan, but we all know how “best laid plans” go.

  • NOTE: Students, if you complete and submit a quest over the holiday break, please check Google Classroom for a message that your submission is good or that you have something incomplete.


Hope everyone has a safe and restful break!