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Algebra Update Nov 14, 2018


Algebra Update - Nov 14, 2018

This will be the last update until after Christmas Break. I have included some important dates and information, so you might keep it handy.

Since the last update, I have seen good progress by the majority of the students. They are starting to “see” things better and be able to think critically about why and what’s next. I am pleased with their progress!!

Now until Christmas Break:

  • Week of Nov 12 Outstanding Practice due by Mon, Nov 26

  • Week of Nov 26 Outstanding Practice due by Fri, Dec 7

  • Quest 7 (8th State Review) due by Fri, Dec 7

  • Week of Dec 3 Outstanding Practice due by Thurs, Dec 13

  • Any outstanding Quests (5,6,7 only) due by Thurs, Dec 13

  • Career Tech Visit - Fri, Dec 14 (no class)

  • Semester Test Part I - Mon, Dec 17

NOTE: This is a true semester test. Includes items from the beginning of the year.

  • Semester Test Part II - Tues, Dec 18

  • Benchmark Test 2 Part I - Wed, Dec 19

  • Benchmark Test 2 Part II - Thurs, Dec 20

NOTE: Benchmarks cannot be made up. Must be in class on the day given.


Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Break!