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Algebra Update Nov 2, 2018


Algebra Update - Nov 2, 2018

Welcome back from Fall Break and just like that, we are in November! For the most part, students are doing well with taking notes, not taking shortcuts, etc. There are still a couple of holdouts still trying to do it all in their head and skip steps. Starting this week (Oct 29), the content is increasing in complexity so the students do not have a choice. All practice problems must be worked out completely without skipping any steps or they do not receive credit.


I spoke with the kids Monday (Oct 29) about what I feel their biggest weakness is: solving while using the proper procedures/operations. I told them I didn’t know where they might have missed this in previous years, but they needed to get some good and repetitive practice to get a good handle on it. That was this week’s content: Rewriting equations for a specific variable. I am very pleased with their progress!


Because the content is getting more complex and a little more time consuming, I am encouraging the students to be working outside of class time on the week’s practice problems. As a reminder, the students receive all the practice for the week on Monday and work at their own pace. Most are only using class time to work on the practice and I’m afraid they will start to fall behind and get overwhelmed trying to catch up. Please encourage them to work a little each night.


Have a great weekend!